10 cool things to try in China

If you’re in China (or any Asian country for that matter), you have to open up to new experiences. Social, gastronomical and cultural. Don’t go there if you’re not open-minded and willing to try. Be aware that some things might surprise you on both sides of the yikes-ohmygoodness-spectrum. Very often when something scares you, it’s the very thing worth doing.

Our top 10 list of things to do or eat when you’re in China:

  1. Order side dishes to accompany your tea. You might get sweetened olives, poached quail eggs or other special combinations
  2. Go to a Dinner-and-dance show. Most likely you’ll end at an unlimited dumpling feast with a strangely entertaining show.
  3. Eat street food meat. Crab, frog, beef, anything deep fried can’t hurt your stomach. Watch how other people order and eat before making a fool out of yourself in front of giggling indigenous folk.
  4. Try homemade ice cream. They have it in all kinds of flavors and shapes. Just don’t take them home as souvenirs.
  5. A Chinese massage. If you’re really adventurous go for Fire Cupping or Acupuncture. Non-suicidal tourists might aim for a straight up oil massage. Be aware: they will hurt you. No matter how much you cry.
  6. Drink coffee at a trendy Cat Café. Although the little brats are spoiled as hell, you might end up with a Bengal cat on your lap.
  7. Swim with the fishes. Or at least dip your feet in an aquarium filled with hungry fish. You will be the only one in the room trying not to scream as your neighbours are used to this awkward feeling.
  8. Try the steamed buns. They have them in all shapes and sizes. From penguins to rosebuds, you’re always in for a treat. Also, instant Instagram likes.
  9. Join a family at a National Holiday. We visited some great people at the Mid-Autumn (Moon Cake) Festival. Basically Chinese Thanksgiving. Be prepared to be loaded with delicious cakes. Oh yeah, some are salty, some are sweet. You never know what’ll hit you.
  10. Rent a bike. This could be the closest thing to looking like a local. Get lost in the narrow streets but pretend that this is actually your planned tour.

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