10 Backpacker hotspots in Australia

1. Airlie beach
This cosy little town located at Aussie’s tropical east coast, is a real backpackers Walhalla. The sun is always shining and the sky is always blue! This is the perfect base for a trip to the world famous Whitsunday Islands, where you’ll find the best beaches on the planet. Forget the Caribbeans, this is the place to be if you’re looking for those pristine virgin beaches. Don’t forget your sandals! Tip: visit the islands with ‘Ocean Rafting’ for a day you won’t easily forget!1

2. Cape Tribulation
This paradise is a must visit in northern Queensland. You’ll find yourself surrounded by the beautiful Daintree Nationpark. The most famous resident of this area is the funny looking – yet not to be messed with – cassowary. These birds call this beautiful rainforest home. Daintree is the only place in the world where the cassowary lives! They’re hard to spot, but we were lucky enough to spot a few while hiking 🙂 2

3. Kakadu NP
This national park in the Northern Territory is a beautiful park with lots of wildlife and a great place to go camping! Just don’t place your tent or campervan next to a billabong or a creek. You might wind up becoming breakfast for one of the many alligators that inhibit the area. During the wet season (roughly from november to march), almost the entire park drowns in water. During the dry season, all animals gather around the billabongs. The most spectacular one, with an abundance of wildlife, is Yellow Water Billabong. Not to be missed! Awesome anecdote: the national park is owned by a local hero. This guy has rejected offers over hundreds millions of dollars. Big companies want to buy the park, because it has a shitload of uranium in the ground. Main reason for not selling: his respect for the indigenous people (Aboriginals). Kakadu NP is holy ground in their culture. Big up!3

4. Sydney
Not to be missed, is the N° 1 visited city of the country. Yes, it’s crowded. Yes, it has a lot of tourists and Yes you pay a lot of money for stuff. But boy is this a cool city! Just embrace the fact that you’ll be doing tourist stuff. Go for a walk over the Harbour Bridge, visit a show in the Opera House, go for a boat ride in the harbour.. You’ll have a lot of fun! Tip: fine a place to stay in Manly, just across the water. It’s a cool place to stay, and you can take the ferry if you want to visit the city. We recommend the Boardrider Backpackers Motel. This place is excellent for surfing!4

5. Grampians NP
Looking for Kangaroos (locally referred to as ‘Roo’s’)? Just go camping in Grampians National Park. There’s a nice little town called Halls Gap and we just love it! There’s so many kangaroos you won’t even know where to look… This place is excellent to go hiking! There’s so many hikes you’ll find it difficult to choose. Our recommendation: The Pinnacle Trail! Breathtaking views all day long!5

6. Great Barrier Reef
Not really a ‘location’ to visit, but not to be overlooked when visiting Down Under! If you know how to scuba dive, get your ass out there and dive like you never dove before! You’ll find yourself surrounded by tropical fish, rays, dolphins, whales (although you’ll hardly ever find whales and dolphins in the same place, as they don’t get along well), and sharks… Experience of a lifetime! If you don’t dive, there’s plenty of snorkelling opportunities or if you have the extra cash you could book a scenic flight. Just be careful and do not touch to corals as they’re living organisms!6

7. Wilsons Promontory NP
Our personal favourite National Park is Wilsons Promontory, AKA The Prom! This place is heaven if you like to go hiking! Go camping in Tidal River, which is the perfect base for a day hike. Make sure to visit Squeaky Beach and listen to the sound of the sand as you walk on it (hence the park’s name). This park is the best place to spot a wombat.7

8. Melbourne
Melbourne is all about eating, drinking and basically just living the good life! Beautiful city with only little cosy streets, or so it seems… Personal favourites are the city’s impressive librairy and Hosier Lane. This small street is a heavenly place for street artists. All the buildings are painted with graffiti. If you’re in Melbourne and you have a few extra days, rent a car or campervan and go for a drive at the world famous Great Ocean Road. This is arguably the best road trip in the world! Enjoy the views of Great Otway NP on the one side, and the ocean on the other. Don’t forget to stop at the most famous Viewpoint: the twelve apostles. It’s just stunning… Tip: Stay for the night Kennett River a spot Koala’s. There’s plenty of them around here!8

9. Blue Mountains NP
This name is given because of the blue haze above the forest. It’s another excellent place to go hiking with viewpoint after viewpoint. The most famous viewpoint is the ‘three sisters’. Basically just three old rocks that tend to be relatives. This park is just a stone’s throw away from Sydney. Perfect for a 2 day trip? Don’t mind if I do!9

10. Byron Bay
Aussie’s N°1 hippie town. This place is all about flower power, love peace and understanding! The vibe is amazing and there’s heaps to do! Byron bay is one of the worlds most famous places for surfing! If you’re a free spirit, chances are you’ll meet people that have the same mindset. There’s lots of yoga shops, meditation on the beach, watch sunsets (they’re off the charts!) and gaze at soooo many dolphins in the water! You can easily rent a kayak and join those majestic creatures. Don’t forget to hike to the lighthouse and spot migrating humpback whales (between June and November) Just be careful! You might end up never leaving this place…10

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