Magical moments at Disneyland Paris

In terms of experience, nobody does it better than Disneyland. As a kid I went there once and I still have very profound memories of the theme park near Paris. So 20 years later I decided to take my girlfriend there to share some new memories with her. Seems like a lot of adult seekers of nostalgia still enjoy the magic. Even though some new franchise characters pop up (Marvel’s Spiderman, Imperial Stormtroopers …) they did not fully earn their spot among the heroes like Aladdin, Pumba, Buzz Lightyear and Mickey (yet). It will be a real challenge to integrate those new families in the theme park.

Anyhow, don’t hesitate to experience this park once in your lifetime. To make the best out of your journey, we’ve written down some tips for you guys!

Avoiding queues

Queueing sucks so Goofy and his friends took some action to smooth things over.

  • Apply for ‘fast lane tickets’: Popular attractions have a special booth where you can scan your entrance ticket and receive a time slot in the near future to come back and take the ‘fast lane’. It cuts waiting time at least in two, compared to the regular queue. You can only apply for 1 fast lane ticket every few hours, so don’t bother being a smart-ass and visit all popular attractions collecting tickets. And one other thing: some attractions are already out of time slots at 15:00 of 16:00 PM, so prioritize!
  • Try out ‘single riders’: If you don’t mind being split up with your group, this is your row. People are being picked out of this queue to fill the spots in the trolleys/carts/Parisian teacups/…
  • Also, parents with underage children can still both enjoy a rollercoaster without having to take their kids along the queue. One parent should queue, while the rest of the family can wait at the exit (or first enjoy the freedom some more). After the ride, parents can just switch positions without having to queue a second time.

Staying overnight

  • Next to the Disney park, there’s also the Disney Studios park. Don’t try to combine them in one day, as you will be missing out some must-do’s. Hence, we decided to stay overnight at one of the themed hotels. We picked Cheyenne hotel because of its price (best offer) and because of the Toy Story’s Woody themed rooms. Yee-haa!
  • We perfectly managed to spend one full day at each park, so buying a two-day 2-parks pass is probably a bit too much.
  • Another reason to stay overnight is because of the final trick up Mickey’s sleeve: at closure time (21:00 in February) the Disney castle turns to a mash-up movie stage with coloured fountains, a laser show and fireworks . Don’t miss it!

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