How to create memories that last

A map to wisdom! Joy! Happiness! Personally I hate the image of ‘you’ vs ‘where the magic happens’. I mean, what happens in that no-man’s land when you’re trying to take the leap?

Comfort Stretch StressI prefer to use this mental framework of comfort-stretch-stress zones. The mantra here is trying to carefully expand your comfort zone, by doing things in your ‘stretch zone’. Activities in your stretch zone will be different for everyone. They should be exciting and challenging, but not mortifying, feel awkward but not embarrassing. Experiences that happen in your stretch zone are the most intense ones and therefore last longer. That’s why we started this blog: to nudge you to take a bald step in your travels, try something new for the first time. Don’t ask yourself ‘why should I go on that jungle trip?’ but ask ‘Why not?’. This stretch zone is where the magic happens. And as you can see: it’s just one small step away from your traditional choices!

“You can only grow if you feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new” – Brian Tracy

More articles with tips and guidance to create memories that last are sure to follow. Stay tuned. To conclude, I’d like to quote a famous unknown:

“Never be afraid of the new, be stronger than your challenges, believe and keep on believing, never give up until you have given it all, get back up, learn from your mistakes, focus and keep on going … get away from the bad energies & surround yourself with the positive ones, the ones that inspire you & believe in you. Listen to & embrace knowledge from others. Treat others like you’d want to be treated. It’s YOUR life & it’s short, you are its conductor, do something you believe in and love. The world is yours, everything is possible, No excuses”

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