Diving the Red Sea with TGI

Do you also want to explore the best diving sites in the world? The Red Sea in Egypt will show you the kind of beauty it has to offer.We found out that Egypt is totally safe, so don’t be scared to fly over! We’ve been here in March 2017.
We left from Amsterdam straight to Marsa Alam, just a 5hr flight. (Why paying lots of money and spending flight time to dive in the Maldives or Indonesia when you can find it all so close to Europe? We stayed at a fine, cosy looking hotel at Gorgonia beach, located at the dive center of TGI diving. (TGI is the official diving center of Gorgonia Beach Hotel).
Diving sites near Marsa Alam are famous for their dugongs, turtles and dolphins. We saw all 3!

We booked a 5-day diving excursion. We all are 1* (Cmas) and Padi open water divers, so a maximum of 20mtrs depth. We did 11 dives. All I can say is I wish we could do 11 more 😊 Below you will find a short summary of what we did and some pictures!

Shore dives:

  • Marsa Assalaya: Turtle, dugong (so awesome!), lion fish, stone fish, octopus, white tip reef shark, many tropical fish (like everywhere)…
  • Marsa Samadai: Turtles, crocodile fish, big lion fish, stone fish, clown fish, murene,
    blue spotted rays, trigger fish,…
  • Abu Ghusun: Big shipwreck from 1967 -> very nice! You can take a phone call 😊,
    very big murene and barracuda.
  • Gorgonia house reef: Very big corals, We saw 4 lion fish together. You need at least 4 dives to explore their house reef (4!), because it is so big. Maybe you see dolphins, turtles or dugong. Andif you are really lucky you might even see the mighty whale shark or manta ray.

Boat dives:

  • Shaab Malahi and Shaab Claudio: Cave dives -> thrilling and awesome. So beautiful! The sun shines through the open holes above your head. We saw a very big napoleon fish (+-1,5m), he is always there! He’s a curious fella, but no need to be scared, he won’t bite! 🙂
  • Dolphin house: It was wind still, so no dophins. When there’s no wind they go out on sea. But the dive was nice. Canyons and caves, lots of fish. We saw the dolphins along the shore.

About TGI diving, Marsa Alam:
The dive center is amazing and granted us some great memories. Let me give you 10 reasons for choosing TGI:

  1. They are VERY professional and have lots of experience.
  2. They care a lot about safety (for me it’s very important).
  3. The briefing is superb! Everything was clear and they show you on a map how the dive will be.
  4. The gear is qualitative and pretty new, tested well in advance.
  5. The price is fair. No hidden fees, no rip-offs.
  6. They have a nice house reef!
  7. The diving instructor is always alert, very friendly and professional, funny also 😊
    (Osama is his name, the best instructor I’ve had. Ever!)
  8. You can choose between house reef, boat dives or shore dives with a bus. So lots of variation.
  9. If your hotel isn’t located near the dive centre, (even more than 1hr drive), they can pick you up.
  10. They have dive locations that are pretty unknown, so no broken corals.

TGI is not only operating in Marsa Alam so check out their website! http://www.tgidiving.com/eng/
Next time I dive, I’ll dive with them again for sure! I hope that next time is tomorrow 😊
So if you’re looking for crystal clear water, breathtaking dive sites and a professional guidance, don’t hesitate and start planning!

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