Local food discoveries in Timișoara (Romania)

So, what’s the fuzz about Timișoara in western Romania? Recently, the city got selected as Europe’s Cultural Capital in 2021 and more and more low-cost airline companies are selecting this city as a destination. Staying under the radar for most city trippers so far, this will likely change in the coming years. A peaceful, car-free city center, 3 connected main squares with beautiful architecture, plenty of parcs and the most hospitable people in the abundance of trendy places are waiting for you. We selected 10 places to visit during your stay. Here we go!

  1. Casa Bunicii
    When you’re looking for traditional food this is your go-to place. With specialty dishes from grandma you are sure to be treated with local cuisine. The original ‘bunicii’ (grandmother) used to overlook the quality of dishes at the opening night herself. We had a delicious dish with chicken and cherries and papanasi, a beignet-type cheesy dessert that every local loves. – http://www.casa-bunicii.ro
  2. Musiu
    Musiu is a trendy place somewhat out of the city centre with a nice garden. This place breathes hipness with their jazzy tunes, homemade syrups and funky furniture. We enjoyed a healthy lunch with hyper-local eggplants and fresh veggies. – www.facebook.com/lamusiu/
  3. Jack’s Bistro
    This place could easily become your second home in Timișoara. If you’re lucky to have Roxi or Simona as a hostess, you’re sure to be treated as a family member coming home after a long travel. Hospitality is key in this buzzing bistro, named after the owner’s jack russell. They have a broad range of Starbucks-eat-your-heart-out specialty coffees and serve delicious breakfasts, lunch and snacks. – www.facebook.com/jacksbistrotm/
  4. Al Duomo
    Italian cuisine in a very fine dine setting, that’s Al Duomo for you. Surrounded by colorful paintings (for sale from a local artist Bianca), a walk-in wine cellar and a most skillful maître D, you can easily feel the ambition of this city to lead the way as a regional referende in gastronomic tourism. You’ll find fresh and high-quality ingredients prepared with great craftmanship.
    Tip: Nothing beats the fresh and creamy burrata as a starter.
  5. Yamy Bistro
    Yamy is a small bistro, especially popular with international students and seekers of healthy gourmet sandwiches. Ingredients are made freshly and just-in-time every morning to preserve all flavours. Each sandwich has a story (and funny names like ‘Alligator VS Chicken’ are no exception). Christian and Monica have been running this place for 3 years after leaving their corporate jobs and investing in their passion so be sure to drop by! – www.facebook.com/yamybistrotimisoara/
  6. Mokum Coffee
    De-stress and take a break in this snuggy coffee bar. Wrap your hands around a Bodum cup filled with their famous homemade coffee blend of 3 arabicas and gaze at some snapshots of the city past or the inspirational quotes at the wall (which they change every 2 weeks).
    Tip: If you’re feeling adventurous, try out the Kopi Luwak coffee. Civet cats have already digested (yip!) these beans for you to take out all the acidity and preserve a chocolatey flavour. Probably known as the world’s most exclusive beans. – http://www.mokum.ro/
  7. Misto
    Of course this city cannot afford to run without a specialty burger joint. Professional waitresses run this place since 2015 and serve only 100% Black Angus burgers and artisanal fries. We were lucky to try out the brand new menu and got to taste the Mother Truffler, with truffle paste and cherry tomatoes. – www.facebook.com/misto.restaurant.timisoara/
  8. Merlot
    Classical live music, carefully selected wines and balanced dishes. This restaurant offers a full tête-à-tête experience of quality that cannot be topped. Surely, this feels like a place where a girl could find a diamond ring in her champagne glass. Not really elitarian but probably not frequented by many youngsters. – http://www.restaurant-merlot.ro/
  9. Prospero
    Prospero is a chain of bakeries across town. In the city centre you’ll find a green wall composed of real lychens. Come here for a pastry breakfast accompanied with tasty coffee.
  10. Cărturești
    Tea, tea, tea. In the Iulius Mall, you’ll find a  book shop with a cosy corner for tea lovers. You’ll find an abundance of choice and a quiet setting if you want to lose yourself in a new novel. Don’t expect to order anything else but tea.

Surely, Timișoara is a florishing city (like their cherry blossom streets) and other places like the Tucano Coffee & Tea bar, the Roses and Copiilor (kids walhalla) and the Pljeskavica burger street kiosks are must-do’s during your stay. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Local food discoveries in Timișoara (Romania)

  1. It would’ve helped a lot if you also provided links for the restaurants’ websites, or at least addresses and phone numbers. The restaurant names are underilined in your article as if they contained the links, but clicking/tapping on them only took me to the beginning of your article.


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