People on the road: Meet Michael

We met dentist Michael and his lovely daughter Lara at the cutest coffee shop in Timisoara, Romania. A few years ago they moved from Germany to Romania to start a new life with his Timisoarian wife. As we were talking like regular folks about Jewish musical geniuses and the global differences in reimbursement systems for braces, the conversation inevitably shifted towards his daughter’s singing skills and ambition to become a professional mezzo.

His eyes started to twinkle with pride and he showed us his favorite live videos of her on a crappy smart phone. As she was sitting next to him, you could feel the love between these two. The next night she would perform for the first time in the Opera House. There was no way of telling who was more excited and nervous for this new milestone.

Not all might like Michael’s swagger but the support for his daughter to make her dream come true was heart-stopping and made me totally mellow. Go break a leg Lara!

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