Shark cage diving in Australia

Everyone has a bucket list and diving with sharks was on mine. There only a few places in the world to experience this and I was heading to one of them in Port Lincoln, Australia!¬†I chose to book with Calypso Star Charters because they seemed very professional & experienced.¬†They offered swimming with sea lions was also an option. For me, it was an extremely amazing experience, and I’ll also give you the practical details in case you fear the unknown. Never hesitate to push your boundaries!

The actual tour day began early, i was to be picked up at 06.15 AM at my hotel. After picking up several other people, we got dropped off at the harbor. We were close to 40 people and after a quick briefing on board we left the harbor for our 3 hour ride to Nautilus Island. The crew immediately set us up some breakfast and were very friendly & open to any questions.

After we arrived at the diving spot, the crew got to work setting up the cage. Everyone was divided into groups.

Each group would suit up in their diving equipment, get some information about how everything works & exercise with the rebreather. Then each group got around 40 mins time in the cage, and everybody got to see at least one shark. It truly was breathtaking seeing that shark circling around your cage like a stealthy, deadly predator.

For the people who were waiting to dive or had already dived, there was still plenty to see! I could clearly see the sharks circling around the boat & even saw them jump up the grab the fish bait! How spectacular that was! After eating lunch & all groups had their dive we started heading back. On the way we even got to see some dolphins playing with the boat! At 19:00 PM we arrived back & got dropped at our hotel. All in all, this was an incredible day, I couldn’t be happier about this.

The crew cannot guarantee you that you will see a shark, sometimes they just don’t show up in big numbers but Calypso Star Charters have a high shark spotting rate. Check their website to see the most shark spottings over the course of a year and see what suits you best.
Text: Cody De Meersman
Pics: Cody De Meersman & Calypso Star


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