5 Top things to do in Tasmania

When you are in Tasmania, it is all about enjoying the nature. Here is a list with our favourite stops:

1. Cradle Mountain

This is something you need to do in 2 parts:
A. Book a Tour with ‘Cradle Country Adventures’ and experience the wide region with a quad or go horse riding. Really… It feels like you are in the scenery of ‘The Lion King’! (Aaaaaaah Sowhenyaaaaa) They provide a pick up and bring you to the remote areas where you can, under professional guidance, appreciate the nature to the fullest. Our guide was well known with the area and gave information. The quad tour was really adventurous and along the way we saw Cradle Mountain (jup!) but also some wildlife : wallabies and even a wombat (basically midget bears). This company provides rain gear from head to foot, so don’t be afraid for cold or rain, they take very good care of you.
B. Go hiking around Dove Lake and enjoy the stunning views.

2. Freycinet national park

There is only one way to do this : put on your hiking shoes. We did the one day trip from Wineglass bay and via isthmus track to Hazard beach.

3. Port Arthur

When you want to experience the history of British convicts who were send to this place, a big part of Australia’s history.

4. Bay of fire

Orange coloured rocks which you can climb by yourself. Enjoy the surreal contrasting rocks against the blue ocean and the green forest.

5. Bonorong wildlife sanctuary

Last but not least! Seriously: don’t leave Tasmania before visiting this great initiative. This is a non-profit organisation which gives permanent shelter to animals with disabillities or temporally shelter to animals who need help for just a certain time. This organisation does some remarkable actions. Here is just one of them: when a pregnant wombat is hit on the road, you can call them and they try to rescue the babies and raise them as there own. When they are old enough, they are released back in the nature. Or when an animal loses his leg in the wild & would otherwise die on its own, it gets a new home to thrive in at Bonorong. During our trip around Australia, Tasmania came out as our favourite part, so take the time to experience it to the fullest.

Written by Lien Smet & Cody De Meersman



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