Checklist: What to pack

Allright, as a lot of you keep asking us for this checklist … here it is!

What to pack on a backpacking trip!

We use this 2-pager all the time but be aware of these few basic points of attention:

  • Split up supplies with your fellow travelers that you only need once. Especially stuff like soap, tooth paste, first aid kit, insect repellent and sunscreen should be considered
  • When hiking is part of the trip, every gram counts. So doublechek whether you really need those extra shorts, that second swimming suit and all. After all, looking sharp is nice, but is it worth the weight? More experienced hikers will find weight cuts in travel towels and hiking clothes.
  • Part of the adventure can be to acquire stuff on location.  Have you ever used Romanian tooth paste or tried ordering sunscreen in a drug store in Bolivia? Just-in-time shopping can significantly reduce your pack weight!
  • Last but not least, this list is a compilation of every that we ever brought on a trip. We never pack every item on this list so feel free to skip any superfluous items.


Feel free to help us update this checklist!

Now go on and HIKE!

what to pack

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