Monkey business in Bali

When you want to discover Bali, Ubud is a good central place as a starting point for different activities. Here are our favourites!

1. Ring a bike

If you are looking for the best local guide in Bali, we can proudly present you to Jering from the company ‘Ring a bike’. Jering is a vivant and unbelievable friendly man who knows a lot (maybe everything) about Bali. They always organise private tours, which makes it more easy going and personal. No worries, you don’t have to pay more when you are just with 2.
Ring a bike is a company which organise obviously biking trips. But suprisingly, that is just a part of what they do. You just need to contact them, ask what you want to do (something cultural, adventurous, visit an island,volcano track,…) and they do it. Easy peasy! Just ask for the possibilites and you will get a fair price. No tourist traps here 🙂.

We went on the downhill cycling trip (20 km). We stopped at a place to harvest some rice, visited a Balinese family and were splashed by waterfalls unknown by tourists.
This tour is for 98 procent downhill and very suitable for many people as Jering is always conscious about the speed you want to ride.
So… What are you waiting for?


2. Karsa spa

Bali is the perfect place for spa treatments and massage. For 10 euro you can already have a massage for 1 hour. Almost at every corner you can find a spa, but they are not always professional, so do some research in advance! We recommend Karsa Spa, which is located in the rural area of Ubud. It’s a very nice walk throughout ricefields starting from the center of Ubud (30 minutes). When you arrive, it’s like a little paradise. The people are very professional. We tried several Balinese massages, but this one was 1000 times better then the others. So, do it the right way.


3. Paon Bali cooking class

If you want to learn about real Balinese flavours, we advice you to go to Paon Bali cooking class. They pick you up at your hotel and if you do the morning class they first take the group (15 people) to the market to show local fruits and veggies.
This is a family owned business and they welcome you into there house. They show each ingredient and then the group starts chopping. After that the real cooking starts, in groups of 2 you get a cooking pit and they teach you how to make every dish. It goes all very smooth as they are reaching everything and you don’t need to do the dishes or any cleaning up. When the cooking was done, it was all presented well on a buffet and you could eat as much as you want. At the end you will get all the recipies.


4. Bali golden Tour

This company has lots of tours. In fact, they offer everything what tourists want to visit on their holiday, going from cultural to adventurous,… . We went on the volcano track with them (Mount Batur). The driver picked us op at 3 am and brought us to the volcano. At 4 am we met the local guide who brought us up the mountain. It was just the 2 of us, so no big groups. It was a real experience to climb to the top in the dark not seeing how high you still need to go. Around 6 am we reached the top. We watched the sunrise while the guide prepared us a little breakfast. Bring warm clothes with you as there is a real cold breeze up there.
On our way back we stopped at a Luwack coffee plantage. You can taste one for less than 5 euro and they offer a free tasting of there different kinds of tea and coffee. The driver was very reliable, drived safely, offered you enough privacy and was very informative if we had questions.


5. Monkey forest

Literally… Monkeys in a forest. This is a very fun activity. You see the little ones attached to the belly of their mother and you can feed them.

6. Sleep in a homestay.

Choose to sleep in the suburbs of Ubud. It is very quiet here and you can experience the real Bali Life. There are different good homestays. We choosed for ‘Pangkung Sari’ and were very happy with our stay. They offer amazing breakfasts. Everyday you can choose between pancakes, egg or a traditional one. Try to taste them all! 🙂 They even want to bring you to the center by scooter.



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