Hikes and waterfalls you can’t miss in West Canada

Hikes you can’t miss:

 There are thousands of hikes, so I spend hours in advance reading stories and looking at photos. I didn’t want to come home knowing we’ve missed some must-do hikes because I didn’t do my homework 😊 First of all, I advise to carry bear spray, we’ve seen 2 bears while hiking, nothing happened but better safe than sorry. Know how to use it and know how to act when you have an encounter, read about it on the internet, it can save your life. But don’t be afraid, attacks happens very, very often, and most of the attacks is because people come too close or by feeding a bear. If you want, ask us, we’ll give you the exact advice how to act.

Joffre lakes: Near Whistler, you’ve got a mountain with 3 lakes, lower, middle and upper. The middle and upper lake are extreme beautiful and blue. On top you can see the glacier. 10km round trip, +-4hr


Flower meadows: In wells gray provincial park you’ve got a hike that goes all the way up to a peak (trophy mountain, normal hike) with stunning views, in between there’s a large area with billions of flowers. We were there the first week of June and there were only yellow flowers, when you go there in August you’ll see all colors of flowers. In this park there are many waterfalls, a must visit. 10km round trip, +-4hr. We’ve had a lot of snow the last part, knee deep. Hiking poles are welcome.


Sulphur skyline trail: Lovely hike in Jasper. When you’re on top it’s a 360° view, beau-ti-ful!!! Pretty fast snow free ‘till the top, we’ve had no snow. When you return you can relax in the hot springs. 8km round trip, +-3u.


Bald hills trail: A day at Maligne lake, we’ve started this hike in the morning and arrived in the afternoon to take the boat later that day to spirit island, perfect combo. It’s a hike to a viewpoint above the tree line. You can see all over Maligne lake and the surrounding mountains, again stunning. Damn we both love the rockies 🙂 13km round trip, +-5u


Parker ridge trail: Driving the icefield parkway is something you’ll never forget. The most beautiful highway in Northern America. South of the Athabasca glacier there’s a hike that is so worth it. You’ll see another glacier that leaves a blue river in the valley, surrounded by high snowcapped mountains. Round trip, 5km, +-2u


Plain of six glaciers: Lake Louise is popular, maybe too? It’s beautiful but that was the only moment I’ve felt like, wow, this is too much. So we’ve started our hike pretty fast, also a famous hike but it’s fun ‘cause there are a few stops that are worth it. Walk to the glaciers above the tea house, you can lunch here, pretty cozy, not expensive. Hike down towards lake Agnes and stop over at big beehive to view lake Louise from above (now you can see the blue color very good). At lake Agnes there’s another tea house where you can grab some pie, mmmm.. This is a full day hike but worth it. 17km, +-7u



Last but not least, Smutwood peak hike: This is a back country hike. You’ll have to drive some gravel first and the trail is not marked but the trail is clearly visible. We’ve hiked in deep snow at certain points (ball deep 😊) so try to download a gpx file, ‘caus it’s an unofficial hike. This is bear country, we haven’t seen one but we’ve seen a big bear paw print in the mud and some poo. It’s a long hike but the view on mount birdwood is jaw-dropping. The whole scenery in mind blowing. Be aware, the last part is scrambling, so it’s pretty dangerous, but it’s not necessary to go all the way to the top. 19km, +-8u


Waterfalls you can’t miss:

When you’re in the mountains, there always are waterfalls, big ones, small ons but with a lovely setting,.. I’ll name the ones I think their worth visiting. Do some research if you want to know more 😉

Sombrio Beach waterfall, hole in the wall waterfall, Shannon falls, Brandywine falls, Nairn falls, Moul falls, Helmcken falls, Spahat creek falls, Dawson falls, Malligne canyon, Sunwapta falls, Tangle falls, Mistaya canyon, Wapta falls, Johnston canyon, Marble canyon.

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