Canoe adventure in Sweden with Byns camping

In July, we went on a 4-day canoe trip, something we wanted to do for many years, so finally, this was the time. And it didn’t disappoint us, not at all! I’ve seen and done so many thing around the world, but this was one of the greatest things I’ve done so far. Truly amazing.

We’ve booked our canoe with Byns camping, a small, cozy, clean and calm camping, near a river. It’s located in Ekshärad, Varmland. Approximately between Oslo and Stockholm, so also a perfect stopover. The service is nice and personal, very kind people, a father with his 2 sons.

You can reach this camping on every way you want. We’ landed by airplane on Stockholm and rented a car, because we’ve did a few other things after the trip. Oslo is even closer than Stockholm. By bus or train is possible too.

You can also rent a cabin if you don’t want to camp. There’s a kitchen, washing machine, showers and much more available for all guests.

They sell different canoe trips on different rivers, suitable for small children with parents to people that wants to be into the wild for a few days, off course, that’s the one we chose 🙂 The Svartälven river. What’s so cool about this trip? Well, you can do it in 4 to 7 days, we’ve booked 4. So, you are free to do how long you want. The variety is cool, from wide to small and winding rivers, big and small lakes with islands, swamps,…

You even get a transport wheel because there are a few land transports needed, fun guaranteed! You’ve got big chance of seeing wildlife along the route. We’ve seen few road deer, lots of birds, tracks of beaver,…

You can stop wherever you want to spend the night. There are shelters along the way but probably you won’t be alone there, so we stayed where it was quiet, and with an amazing view. Once we’ve had our private island for 1 night. Every evening a campfire, fresh fish and quietness… Oh I miss this 🙂

You can choose your own endpoint, there are 13 stops where you can be picked up, you just have to let them know 1 day in advance.

You’ll get waterproof backpacks to put all your stuff in (food, camping gear, clothes,…), very useful. All of this makes it so cool and interesting.

Here you can find more information:


They also own a moose farm. You learn a lot about moose, interesting facts you’ll never heard of. They do it on a pleasant way, excellent for children, but to be honest, also for adults 🙂

You can see them from close. You even can feel (their antlers) and feed them. Standing near the king of the forest is a ‘big thing’. This is not a zoo to be clear… It’s a 10-minute drive from the camping. Check it out, the 2-hour tour is worth it.

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