Bear watching from a hide in Sweden

To be honest, I love bears 🙂

2 years ago, I’ve already stayed in a bear hide in Sweden, that was so cool I wanted to do it over again. This time in another hide, Sweden’s most southern bear hide, just a 2-hour drive from Stockholm.

This time it was different, it was more personal, better service, more explanation about bears,… Meeting point at “Sara’s” house, a famous Swedish photographer. She has a small gallery from some of here photos. First you start with a nice sandwich, some talking about the hide and bears before heading into the woods for the cabin..

I’m going to compare a bit about the previous bear hide. This time it was smaller, with a maximum of 4 people, beds and a toilet are in the cabin.

The cool thing this time was that the bait was under rocks, in trees,… so they have to work for the food, also cool to take a photo from a standing bear.. Much better and cooler. Food for birds and squirrels was spread right before we were locked into the cabin. First time, no birds, so this is cool when you’re waiting for the real deal! 🙂

Around 16u30 we were in the cabin, we saw many birds, but with many I mean MANY! Squirrels playing in the tree, fighting jays, woodpeckers,.. To name a few.

Okay, sun is setting, the birds are moving and tension is rising, time for the bears to come. 1 hour, 2, 3, … Are they still coming? They have to, because at the moment the hide has a 100% success rate…

Is that, noo, yes? I don’t know, I see something, jup, oh yes, it’s a bear. Oh no wait, it’s a bear with a cub, sweet! No wait, you’re kidding right? 2 cubs! My god, this is amazing! 🙂

They ate a bit, went back into the forest and returned 2 more times. This was thrilling, awesome to see my favorite creature in its own habitat. I love this.

Okay, it was very difficult to take a nice photo because it was as good as dark, but there are binoculars you can use and they are good! ISO 12800, but hey, I’ve got proof! 😉

Tired, around midnight we went to bed? Why? At 4u30 we were back on our seat but it was too late.. When Sara came to pick us up she took the movement camera from the tree and saw that there was a big male at 01u00, shit, we’ve missed this guy. But on the other hand, now we have a reason to go back!

Breakfast time at Sara’s house, damn that was good after 1 week of choco pops 🙂 I recommend this to everyone who loves wildlife, nature and an exciting night!

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