Moose safari in Sweden

Who doesn’t like moose? The statue of the north. I saw them already in Norway and Sweden on 2 holidays. Why do this tour then? Well, because I love wildlife, I love this creature.

We’ve done this with wild Sweden, one of the biggest wildlife tour organizations in Sweden. I have to say, they are pro. In everything they do, say and know, they can tell you. The guidance is excellent.

It’s a wonderful evening, with interesting information about the moose, a forest walk looking for tracks, a campfire with a local made wrap, local beer, homemade cookie and a safari with a mini-bus, really fantastic! Everything about this tour is eco-minded, I think it is really important these days. Off course, the gasoline is not 😊 At the end of the tour we saw 6 moose and 1 fox. Not bad,.. 🙂

You can drive on your own in the morning or evening hoping to see a moose but if you don’t know how or where you might end up with an empty fuel tank, so book this trip and you are 100% sure you will meet the king of the forest. You have to be in Skinnskatteberg for this tour.

Wild Sweden offers more than just a moose safari, check their site and book! They won’t disappoint.


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